Your simple, distraction-free to-do app.

NowDo Interface Screenshot showcasing the app's clean design and simple user interface

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0.2 Release Notes


Free forever, no bait-and-switch •

Super-simple to minimize distractions •

Always on top but unobtrusive •

Focus on one task at a time •

Entirely keyboard-navigable for quick access •

Works offline for privacy and convenience •

CSV import/export, you're in control •

Coming Soon:

Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android

• Premium version featuring cloud storage integration, seamlessly connecting with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud

• Many other improvements based on user feedback •

Action Shortcut (Use Anywhere)
Add Task CTRL + OPT + A
Mark as Done / Delete CTRL + OPT + D
Snooze Hour: CTRL + OPT + H
1 Day: CTRL + OPT + 1
2 Days: CTRL + OPT + 2
Week: CTRL + OPT + W

For updates, questions, or feedback, follow @NowDoApp on 𝕏. Email at [email protected].